Every knitter, beginner, intermediate or advanced in the craft will agree that the right tools enhance skills and creativity. Accessories are simply craft essentials in fact as important as the knitting needles, if not more. A very good example to prove the point is imagine you are on a journey on a car, the knitting needles is your vehicle and you have a long road, which is the yarn and you keep going. Now, on this trip you will have hotels, restaurants, petrol pumps and shops, these are knitting accessories make your experience smooth and easy. Of course, knitting requires just a pattern, yarn and knitting needles and yarn but some essential accessories make crafting fun and easier.

Even for needles, you require all types as well as the standard sizes. The single-pointed needles are great for back and forth knitting projects and are very beginner-friendly. Double pointed needles are specialty tools for knitting in the round, small circumference projects. The circular needles, both fixed and interchangeable are ideal for all kinds of knitting projects knit in the round or back and forth. Many knitters prefer knitting needle sets for multiple combinations in one place.

Besides needles, here are our essential must-have tools for every knitter:

  1. Cords

This one is essential for knitters who love their circular knitting needles. Cords are available in a wide variety of lengths for all knitting projects whether you prefer to knit back and forth as well as in the round. With a variety of cord lengths you can easily work on projects from a pair of socks to the widest of blankets.

  1. Stitch markers

Small yet effective for all kinds of knitting projects. Stitch markers are essential to mark important stitches, increases or decreases and references in a given pattern. Available in locking, solid and split-ring styles, they easily work for all your knitting projects. Bright colours and unique designs are not just decorative but also functional.

  1. Wool or Darning needles

Wool needles are essential for every knitter. Whether you work on stitching the pieces together, weave in loose ends or any other task, this one serves multiple purposes. While the eye of the needle should be wide enough to effortlessly accommodate the yarn, the needle tip must go through the knitted fabric easily. Like knitting needles, wool needles are also available in standard sizes.

  1. A measuring tape

If you are into designing clothes, garments and accessories with knitting, measuring tape is essential. Even for other purposes, a retractable measuring tapes show both inch and metric measures is handy.

  1. Scissors

To snip in ends and other purposes, scissors are basic knitting accessories. Keep one in your craft bag at all times. A folding scissor that protects sharp edges are handy.

  1. Blocking Tools

Blocking is an essential step in any knitting project. The yarn of the knitted fabric decides the blocking process whether you use steam, wet or spray. For blocking tools you have blocking mats, pins and even a sock blocker. After you wash, steam or spray your knitting project, lay it on the padded surface of blocking mats. With knit blockers spread out the stitches. Once dry, the knitted fabric looks clean and well-adjusted.

  1. Row counters

Keeping a count of stitches and rows is essential in knitting. Some patterns have complicated stitch patterns that are in hundreds and keeping a count becomes a challenge. Row counters are handy accessories for this purpose. Work with a clicky or a ring or even ones that can be fitted on a knitting needle.

  1. Yarn Winding and Dispensing Accessories

Knitters love their yarn and well organized yarn is a dream come true. For smooth crafting it is essential to manage your skeins, balls or hulks, with a handy yarn winding accessory. A yarn dispenser regulates the flow of yarn when you are working on a pattern.

  1. Pattern Holders

Knitters work on a project following a pattern. A pattern holder keeps a knitting pattern or chart ready for use. You can keep it upright on your craft table and follow it for your knitting project.

  1. Cable Needles

The specialty cable needles are exclusively used for cable knitting patterns. As a knitter, cables are interesting stitch patterns that you will be using at one point or another on your knitting project. Cable needles are essential for smooth cable knitting. They hold your stitches for the twisted intricate knitting patterns.

With these knitting accessories in your project bag, you are all set for a pleasant and rewarding knitting or crocheting experience. KnitPro offers a complete range of knitting and crochet tools and accessories for all kinds of crafting.